This car was purchased new in 1981 by my father from Ed Carroll motor company in Fort Collins, Colorado. It is a 4-door Rabbit Diesel L, and included a rear window wiper and a sunroof. It was used as a commuter car from 1985-1991 (68 miles round trip every weekday), until it came into my hands when I graduated from high school with 185,000 miles on it.

I drove it through college, basically doing the maintenance and keeping it on the road until I decided I needed a car that was reliable. I ended up purchasing a 1995 Ford Aspire to replace it. It had all the amenaties that the Rabbit was missing, like Air Conditioning, and parts that weren't falling apart.

I ended up selling the Rabbit back to my father for $400 with 292,000 miles on it. I got the Rabbit back from him on July 17, 1999 in hopes of restoring it (or at least fixing it up really well!)

The Aspire was used until February 2001, (it was very reliable, but I wanted a VW), and after 109,400 miles, I sold it and purchased a 2001 VW Golf. I am still going to continue tinkering with the Rabbit, and attempt to restore it back to like new specs (or better).

Some of the things that I had done to the Rabbit when I owned it were :

Now, After three years of being a commuter again (and a couple years of being driven off and on while sitting) , the Rabbit is getting redone. I'm going to go through the entire car, and document everything that's going on right here. So check back often!

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